Yes! All of our food is homemade – in our food trailer, that is. We carefully designed our recipes to be gluten free to make life easier for as many people as possible. This means that everything except the bread and ravigotte sauce is gluten-free.


By choosing the gluten-free bun and any other dressing for your burger you are good to go!

We do use organic and sustainably grown soybeans in our food, but we, of course, have options for you, still! Not as many as the gluten free options, though.

Yes! There are free parking spaces for all VeganDòttirs customers right next to our food trailer at Hjulmagervej 58, 9000 Aalborg

Nope. We don’t have that much free time on our hands to respond to live orders on Facebook. Instead, call us at 50656415 on our opening days. Typically we are there from 11 am to take your call but we wont serve food until we open at 12.

For our opening hours, check the bottom of our website, our Instagram and Facebook pages, and Google.

Yes! During the summer when there are more people up and about, we are open six days a week since we can afford the extra help.

We use fresh-cut fries (that we literally cut from fresh potatoes 10 seconds before we fry them), meaning that they are 100% non-processed. This means that the “industry standard” of a French fry (more a chemical compound than a potato) does not apply for our fries and we do not follow that standard on the account that we can provide you with real and clean food. As such, our fresh fries usually lose their crunchy qualities and we cannot control the means of transportation (sometimes the delivery person makes many stops along his/her way before delivering your food). Until there is no viable alternative, we cannot stand behind the quality of our delivery-fries.

If you want to order lunch food for the office or similar, just call us some days ahead with your food order and we’ll figure something out!

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