Call 50656415 to pre-order or for take-away. For home delivery visit, Just Eat, or Wolt where the menu and prices differ.

Lunch offer Wednesday-Friday 11:00-14:00 – All burgers, salads, and sandwiches 75dkk, fries 30dkk, All burger menus 125dkk. Call 50656415 to pre-order or order on the spot!



Yes! All of our food is homemade – in our food trailer, that is. We carefully designed our recipes to be gluten free to make life easier for as many people as possible. This means that everything except the bread and ravigotte sauce is gluten-free.


By choosing the gluten-free bun and any other dressing for your burger you are good to go!

We do use organic and sustainably grown soybeans in our food, but we, of course, have options for you, still! Not as many as the gluten free options, though.

Yes! There are free parking spaces for all VeganDòttirs customers right next to our food trailer at Hjulmagervej 58, 9000 Aalborg

Nope. We don’t have that much free time on our hands to respond to live orders on Facebook. Instead, call us at 50656415 on our opening days. Typically we are there from 11 am to take your call but we wont serve food until we open at 12.

For our opening hours, check the bottom of our website, our Instagram and Facebook pages, and Google.

We are a small business in a market that is still in its infancy which means that our resources are limited. We also respect the necessity of downtime to recharge. Not to mention office work needs to get done during standard business hours.

Yes! During the summer when there are more people up and about, we are open six days a week since we can afford the extra help.

If you’ve received fries that are darker looking than what you are used to, that means you have received fries from one of the organic Danish potato sorts that quickly get a brown color when fried. Don’t worry, we would never serve you burnt fries! Although our photos might show fries that are lighter in color, those photos were taken during the summer time when the potato sort is much whiter inside. Photos are also illustrative to a certain degree. Regarding the softness of the fries, our fries are made from 100% whole potatoes that are unprocessed and without any preservatives. Consequently we cannot  promise that the visual and texture qualities of their highly processed counter parts will be retained over the delivery time from us to you. A simple life hack for this would be to just to reheat the soft fries in the oven for 10mins at 200c .

We can guarantee, however, that on the spot you will be met by fresh cut fries that are golden brown and crunchy.

Finding the right potato sorts for each season is still a work in progress since it is still our first year in business.

We only buy potatoes from local farmers who grow them completely without pesticides. We will never buy ready-made fries with which our freshly cut local fries are often compared to. These ready-made fries most often contain pesticides, preservatives, etc., not to mention the large amount of plastic used for packaging them. Our solution completely avoids plastic!


It actually matters a lot which potato sort we happen to use. The method of preparation we use before frying our freshly cut potatoes is the most cost-effective – for us and, subsequently, for you. As we get around 50-100kg of potatoes each week, we cannot replicate the delicate processes of high-end restaurants due to the volume and quantity of potatoes we prepare. And due to our method different potato sorts may react differently to deep frying. We have tested a lot of potatoes and, although their appearance may vary, the geographical origin and nutritional quality does not!

So yes, the potato sort makes a huge difference. We care about finding the right sort for each season that can be grown pesticide free, and locally here in Denmark, close to our food trailer. To avoid unnecessary transportation time and plastic.

We do strive to get the best sorts for fries. But these things take time when the produce is grown locally, compared to companies that – with the push of a button – get another plastic bag of potatoes from another place on the other side of the planet.


We have to first test out different potato sorts, giving our local farmers feedback. Then they have to plan which sorts are good to grow for the different seasons and germinate those potatoes in time. Then there is the growth and the harvest. So we ask you to have patience and understanding when it comes to farm-to-table food. This is our core standard.

The short answer is that convenience is, unfortunately, a bit more pricey. The long answer is that Wolt, as a separate platform, has a different menu. And for every order that you place and pay for on Wolt, we have to pay a considerable percentage. A simple solution to this would be to meet the prices in the middle. However, we sell most food when people visit our physical location and it would be unfair to raise the prices for most of our customers. You are welcome to pre-order your food by calling us and pick it up yourselves.

We use fresh-cut fries (that we literally cut from fresh potatoes 10 seconds before we fry them), meaning that they are 100% non-processed. This means that the “industry standard” of a French fry (more a chemical compound than a potato) does not apply for our fries and we do not follow that standard on the account that we can provide you with real and clean food. As such, our fresh fries usually lose their crunchy qualities and we cannot control the means of transportation (sometimes the delivery person makes many stops along his/her way before delivering your food). Until there is no viable alternative, we cannot stand behind the quality of our delivery-fries.

We have a minimum person order for our catering dishes. That means you need to order one catering menu item for minimum 10 persons ( = price per. person x number of persons). Since this is not our daily menu we do not always have the necessary ingredients on hand. Meaning extra planning and time management for us. Overall, the catering menu is meant for events rather than an alternative to our daily menu. 

We make cakes when we get catering menu orders and we have a minimum required amount of people/orders for it to make sense for us. So no. Unfortunately you can’t just order one piece of cake at the moment. But we are working on adding cakes as the dish of the day in the food trailer. But these cannot be preordered for just one person.

But we have a delicious date peanut chocolate cake with toasted buckwheat that you can buy at our food trailer if you get in the cake mood.

By writing us an email with your order and all relevant details to our catering e-mail:

If you want to order lunch food for the office or similar, just call us some days ahead with your food order and we’ll figure something out!

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